Welcome to Velvet Cheesecakery we are a gourmet cheesecake bakery based out of Chesapeake VA. Here at Velvet our cheesecakes are homemade with love and nothing, but the finest ingredients and we invite you to indulge in our velvety smooth cheesecakes.

Velvet Cheesecakery was Founded by RuQuaiyah Jones who was a culinary major that had a passion and skill for baking. It all started in High school where she would sell her homemade mason jar cakes and cookies that all her friends and even the teachers loved.

Then in 2018 she partnered up with her parents who came out of retirement to help her fulfill her dreams and started Velvet Cheesecakery where she developed a variety of unique, and gourmet cheesecakes such as sweet potato pie, peach cobbler and Lemon bar which are some of her best sellers today.